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  • Product Name: International Maritime Exhibition 2012 in Tokyo, Japan
  • Posted: 2012-08-21

2012 Tokyo, Japan International Maritime Exhibition / the Maritime Exhibition / ship show / largest maritime exhibition

      2012, Tokyo, Japan International Maritime Exhibition time: 18-20 April 2012 Location: Tokyo, Japan Exhibition Introduction Japan is one of the world's top shipbuilding nations in South Korea and China, the biennial Tokyo, Japan International Maritime Exhibition has become Japan rivalry or ship industry to show the strength of the battleground. Also worth noting is the other important maritime industrial countries did not miss this event, such as Germany, Denmark, Finland, South Korea and other countries begin with the image of the national pavilions at the national Museum show. International Maritime Exhibition in Japan in addition to outside the Northeast Asia market best market information centrally, is to get the attention of the Japan Shipbuilding Industry Association, and the Shipowners Association for buyers, global sea shipping companies agreed that Tokyo, Japan Maritime International Fair is the most important shopping trip of the year 2012, when the professionals will gather a share fairs, technical seminars and other activities in the latest technology and valuable experience. During the exhibition, more than 40 games the exhibitors new product announcements and technical seminar organized by the Associations. Audience part of: marine equipment manufacturers, importers, traders 35.5% shipyard Shipyard in 26% of shipping and logistics companies, shipowners, ship operators, 21% government, associations, public sector 5.3% Past Review: 2008: exhibition area of ​​10,948 square meters, 364 exhibitors (international exhibitors, 189, 175 domestic exhibitors), 17,042 professional visitors and buyers, exhibitors and visitors of 25 countries to participate. 2010: 11,160 square meters of exhibition area, 389 exhibitors (including 186 international exhibitors, 203 domestic exhibitors) 17,828 professional visitors and buyers, and 30 national pavilions, exhibitors and audience participation, in which countries pavilions include: China, South Korea, Germany, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, Denmark, the Netherlands; while a total of 20 exhibitors (including the Sino-Japanese joint venture) as several.