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  • Product Name: 2012 China International Ship Industry Expo
  • Posted: 2012-08-21

Show time:
     May 23, 2012 9:30-17:00
     May 24, 2012 9:30-17:00
     May 25, 2012 9:30-14:00

    Nanjing International Expo Center (Nanjing Yanshan Road, No. 199)

    Integration of the eight exhibition resources and relying on the advantages of industrial clusters, to create a high-quality marine brands!

(I) the integration of resources, and create a brand

     The Tristate successfully create the "China International Ship Industry Fair! 2011 Boat Show leased space of 24,000 square meters, a total of 503 exhibitors from 20 countries / regions, growth of 21% in the last Legco; Singapore, Italy, Germany, the United States, South Korea, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland, Britain, Denmark up to 65 other countries overseas exhibitors, an increase of 27% last Legco; five countries including the United Kingdom, South Korea, Finland, Denmark, Singapore national pavilions exhibiting; otherwise the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and other countries to tour the exhibition! Domestic exhibitors mainly from Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong, Liaoning, Guangdong, Hubei, Fujian and other 16 provinces and cities, a total of 438, the last Legco an increase of 20%; 217 participating enterprises in Jiangsu province, accounting for 43 of the total number of exhibitors %; provinces 221 exhibitors accounted for 44%. 2011 Boat Show 8263 ushered in 18 countries / regions visitors to visit overseas audiences up to 1239 people, mainly from Europe, America and Southeast Asia accounted for 15% of the total number of visitors; domestic visitors came from 23 provinces across the country, municipalities, more than 20 domestic and foreign buyer delegations to visit the procurement!

The Tristate With the "Boat Show" platform to establish good contacts with many marine companies! Eight ship class exhibition exhibition resources the Tristate international integration, combined with the advantages of industrial clusters of Jiangsu marine workers, invited marine leader to participate in focus, "China International Boat Show the same period, the same exhibition center held since 2012 Marine Engineering Technology and Equipment Exhibition "!

     2012 "sea HKBPE" during at least the Netherlands, Denmark, the United States, Britain, Finland, Norway, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and other 14 national pavilions, and will bring more than 100 overseas exhibitors, and a large number of overseas buyers! The 2012 marine Exhibition will become China's highest annual degree of internationalization, overseas buyers to the will of the most professional marine exhibition!

(Ii) industrial base, and business opportunities:
       2011-2015, the average annual Global marine equipment market scale will reach $ 81 billion, China's share of global market share is expected to increase to 20% in 2015 from the current 5% to 7%, and is expected to reach $ 19 billion by 2015, compared with 2010, an increase of five times!

Jiangsu is located in the western Pacific coast of the Yellow Sea, China, has rich marine resources, has broad prospects for offshore oil drilling, offshore wind power generation, underwater engineering, port facilities, construction! Jiangsu Province, the output value of marine products has reached 45% share of the national share more great growth potential!
China Shipbuilding Industry Association, China Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, the China Shipowners' Association, the China National Offshore Engineering Society, National Association, Society Co-organizer of the exhibition, exhibitors and visitors will organize enterprises through their respective channels!

(Iii) global promotion, focusing on the transaction:

    Tristate rely on over the years established good cooperative relations with domestic and foreign professional institutions play advantage as a number of large-scale overseas international marine shipping, shipbuilding, maritime exhibition exclusive agent in China, with global exhibition organizing committee close cooperation and common invite domestic and overseas exhibitors and buyers!

Leading Shipowners' Association the Indonesian Shipowners' Association, the German Shipowners' Association, the United States Shipowners' Association will organize respective owner members involved in marine engineering to Ning to visit; shipowners group which Indonesian Shipowners' Association will bring more than 40 people to visit the exhibition !

Marine exhibition "Global promotion! The Tristate year sent more than a dozen batches of promotion group has come to Germany, the United States, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, South Korea, Japan and other countries to promote, inviting more overseas shipowners, oil and gas exploration companies to purchase! In the the foreign marine engineering, maritime exhibition site at the same time a lot of publicity, including the U.S. OTC, Brazil OFFSHORE, Norway ONS, etc.!

(Iv) to build the platform, the operation of a professional:
       Higher-end customer base for marine products; lack of professional sales platform; while print media, online media, the high cost of television media, audience low professional status quo; the marine exhibition provide professional buyers face-to-face exchanges Direct platform, marine enterprises and supporting enterprises Matchmaking "," China - Brazil marine engineering trade and economic cooperation conference "a series of trade matching activities will be held over the same period!

      2012 "marine Fair" held in the same period: the 2012 China International Ship Industry Fair!

(V) the media gathered in-depth coverage:

     Marine exhibition of more than 40 "boat show both overseas cooperation in media, and more than 60 domestic and Media Partners extensive publicity! And will further increase the propaganda in the professional field of marine engineering, is expected to have more than 120 domestic and overseas media publicity in 2012, "marine exhibition!

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