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  • Product Name: The 2012 China Zhoushan International Industry Fair
  • Posted: 2012-08-21

Time: 2012 November 8, 10 locations: Zhoushan shipping exhibition center ( Zhoushan City Hall opposite the southern gate )Sponsor: the people's Government of Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province Economic and information technology committee, Chinese society of Naval Architecture and marine engineeringSpecial support: Zhoushan City Economic and Trade Commission, Zhoushan City, Port Management OfficeUndertaker: Zhoushan city ship building and Repairing Management Services Bureau, Zhoushan Shipbuilding Industry AssociationExhibition Service: joint meeting of the Nanjing Exhibition Services Ltd.Support unit:China Shipbuilding Industry Association China Communications and Transportation AssociationChinese Institute of navigation of Ship Industry Association of Zhejiang ProvinceZhejiang Shipbuilding Engineering Institute of Zhejiang Provincial Institute of navigationPort in Zhejiang Province Association of China Classification Society Zhoushan OfficeZhejiang mobile communication limited liability company in Zhoushan branch China Telecom Co Zhoushan branchChina Unicom Limited Zhoushan branch Sinopec Zhejiang Zhoushan oil branchIn the oil transport ( Zhoushan) Limited Zhejiang Zhoushan Municipal Electric Power CompanyTobacco companies in Zhejiang province Zhoushan branch Gimhae heavy industries Limited by Share LtdZhoushan COSCO Shipping Engineering Company Limited to Group Company LimitedZhoushan million state always jump ship repair company in Europe and China Zhejiang Shipbuilding Company LimitedZhejiang shipping group Zhoushan China ship building and Repairing Company Limited in the base day Diesel Engine Company LimitedZhoushan Port Group Company Limited Zhoushan City Straits car ferry limited liability companyCo-organizer:Organization Department of CPC Zhoushan Municipal Committee Propaganda Department of CPC Zhoushan Municipal CommitteeDinghai District People's Government in Putuo District People's GovernmentDaishan County People's Government of Shengsi County People's GovernmentZhoushan City Transportation Committee of the Zhoushan Municipal Science and Technology BureauZhoushan City Personnel Labor and Social Security Bureau of Zhoushan City Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation BureauZhoushan city ocean and Fishery Bureau of Zhoushan Municipal Bureau of TourismZhoushan port authority of Zhoushan Marine CollegeZhoushan maritime bureau of the people's Bank of China Zhoushan City Center branchZhoushan daily Zhoushan City radio and television stationZhoushan city article wide Bureau of press and publication of the Zhejiang Ocean UniversityZhejiang international shipping Career Technical College Zhoushan City Post OfficeExhibition overview:The 2012 China Zhoushan International Industry Fair will be held November 8, 2012 - 10 in China " Lake City" -- Zhejiang saves Zhoushan city to hold. There will be gathered in the domestic and foreign well-known enterprise of shipping build and repair, ship supporting enterprise, shipping enterprises, marine engineering company, senior industry personnel and various types of high-tech equipment, and fully display the current industry new development level and new achievement of science and technology.China Zhoushan international industry exposition has been established since 2008 has been successfully held three sessions, is a push domestic and foreign shipping exchange effectively development platform, has become China's shipbuilding industry is the largest one of the event. The last ship fair were located booth 756, a total area of 20000 square meters, Gimhae heavy, sailing group, Europe and China shipbuilding, often stone group, five million wire jump, Italy shipyard, Russ Peijiya ship Pavilion, South Korea, Singapore Hanjin heavy Pacific Maritime, Wa Xilan, LR, CCS, Japan Maritime Association, Korea society, Singapore Noah Dick, ANN, its melting, Ningdong, Yang, steel, paper and a number of other worldwide from 15 countries and regions, the 376 exhibiting companies, attracted 25000 visitors, were more than 6000 times business negotiations, a total turnover reached 4000000000 yuan of intent, on-site transaction the amount of 715000000 yuan, the project investment intentions have a total of 77, a preliminary estimate of the total investment amounted to 6000000000 yuan.The ship Fair will be summarized in three former boat Fair successfully held on the basis, through meticulous planning, and extend the exhibition scale and exhibits, improve international and domestic well-known enterprises exhibitors proportion, further display Zhejiang especially Zhoushan, achievements, and promote the transformation and upgrading of Zhejiang and even countrywide shipping.The exhibition will be " docking area construction, the development of marine economy " as the theme, with the country " the Yangtze River Delta regional planning ", " Zhejiang province national economic and social development Twelfth Five Year Plan " to establish Zhoushan Marine Development Experimental Zone requirements and the State Council approved the establishment of Zhejiang islands of Zhoushan new area policy advantage, using the Zhoushan ship industry swift and violent development opportunity, make the boat Bo will become the " domestic first-class scale and grade, domestic and foreign has considerable influence on the international shipping industry exchanges and cooperation platform ". As the Expo host, Zhoushan will be a new look to celebrate the " boat fair" eight party guest.The breeze is open to the world, sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants participating, visit, to negotiate!The schedule:November 5, 2012 - 7 days to exhibit November 8, 2012 - 10 day opening exhibitionNovember 10, 2012 afternoon closing the showThe scale of exhibition:The total area of 20000 square meters, with 800 booths, and more than 20 countries and regions of exhibitors, exhibitors and unit 400, visiting number 20000 people, and is committed to invite, organize more ship circles visit, to negotiate.Exhibition scope:1, shipbuilding, ship repair.2, ship and marine products:( 1) the ship materials: metal material ( steel, flat steel, shipbuilding, steel, forging, steel and so on ), non-metallic material ( paint, rope, rubber and plastic products, glass steel);( 2) the ship power equipment: diesel engine, propeller, generators ( Group ), rudder, and accessories production;( 3) the ship outfitting equipment: deck machinery, ship electrical, marine wire and cable, marine environmental protection equipment, marine life-saving and fire, valves and piping accessories, pumps, general supplies, steel structure production;( 4) the ship communications and navigation equipment: all kinds of communication, radar and radio navigation system, wireless network, wireless communications equipment, intelligent transportation systems and related equipment and technologies;( 5) shipyard, shipyard, the ship maintenance and maintenance services.In 3, the shipbuilding industry equipment:Steel processing and mechanical processing, electrical equipment and other special equipment, loading and unloading lifting machinery, coating and surface treatment, abrasive abrasive, safety and environmental protection, welding equipment and materials, cutting equipment, assembly tools.In 4, the yacht: yacht and boat model materials, coatings, electronic instruments, meters, power, propulsion system etc..5, work boat: ferry, patrol cruiser, tug, offshore supply vessel, pilot boats, sightseeing boats, fishing, farming, fishing boats, work boats, work boats and other ordinary dredger.In 6, ports, shipping and logistics: port construction and management, port equipment and technology, port dredging engineering, engineering and technology, handling and transportation equipment, shipping services, security facilities.In 7, Fisher, fishing machine, fishing gear, fishing gear and related manufacturing equipment.In 8, marine engineering technology and equipment: various marine engineering design and construction of offshore platform technology, equipment and technique, underwater engineering technology, project construction, marine equipment installation and debugging technology.In 9, the maritime service: certification agencies, consulting, ship design, Ship Research Institute, information technology, software and model, nondestructive inspection, insurance, financing.10, ship industry park and storage wharf project investment.11, shipping talent exchange of information and the sea related boat education project.Promotion plan:In 1, the organizing committee will invite domestic and foreign shipping enterprises: owner ( shipping ), association of more than 1200; build and repair shipyard to more than 800; foreign more than 200; Hong Kong and Macao Taiwan more than 100; CNOOC, stone, oil and other petroleum exploitation enterprises; marine engineering equipment manufacturing and supporting enterprise 500; scientific research institute the design of more than 50 units, ship inspection, ship's classification society; 50; more than 50 maritime sector to visit, procurement, order goods.In 2, the organizing committee will send 50000 Ticket Invitations to visit, 5000, exquisite promotional information 3000, to ensure that no less than 10000.In 3, the city each big media, national professional media and related news, web advertising, extensive conduct propaganda boat fair, the fair influence at home and abroad throughout the ship;In 4, the Zhoushan daily news from May onwards with the ship Expo, a series of shipping industry chain development major theme planning report;In 5, along the Yangtze River Key City, Zhejiang province each big media especially join support, Zhoushan each big media tracking reports boat Bo will progress.6, making " boat Bo Association ", comprehensively compiling information to all levels of management of enterprises, institutions, relevant enterprise delegate subscriptions.Exhibition fees and procedures:Indoor standard booth 9 square meters ( 3m ×3M ):Domestic enterprises: B Museum: 6500 yuan / booth; C to F Hall: 6000 yuan / booth.Overseas enterprises: $1500 / extension. ( booth fascia board supporting: coaming, text, a table and two chairs, carpet, 15A/220V/24 hours power socket )Indoor light to 36 square meters from rent:Domestic enterprises: A Museum: 700 yuan / square meters; B Museum: 650 yuan / square meters; C to F Hall: 600 yuan / square meters.Overseas enterprises: 150 U.S. dollars / sq m / extension, light by exhibitors to design and build.Exhibitors to fill in " application form ", and the official seal, fax or mail the undertaker. Registration within 7 days after the booth fee to the account designated by the committee.Booth to " first signed, first payment, first arrangement" as a criterion for arrangement, special units have the right to be adjusted a few booth.Units in October 10, 2012 before the transportation, loading and unloading, booth number, accommodation, ticket, meeting business matters notice exhibitors, exhibitors guide ". ".