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Specially designed for cruise liners, the Evac 910 is the quietest toilet on the market, according to tests carried out by an independent research centre.  The Evac 910 is available in floor and wall models, and uses the proven Evac pneumatic flush mechanism, with flush memory and vacuum sensor technology. 
The water consumption of the Evac 910 is very low and can be adjusted, as can the flushing time.  With the Evac 910 there are no overflows, backflows or unflushed toilet bowls caused by a temporary loss of vacuum.
The new Prestige seat can withstand 280 kg, is resistant to cigarette burns and scratches and can be made of anti-bacterial urea (optional), offering additional protection against a wide range of bacteria.
The Evac 910 toilet is also available as a “touch free” version, called the Evac 910 Autoflush,  and as a fire resistant version called the Evac 910 B15, featuring a back plate that has been certified as a pipe penetration for B-15 bulkheads.
The toilet is flushed by pressing the push button, which sends an air pulse to the control mechanism.  The control mechanism connects vacuum to the water valve and the discharge valve.  The water valve opens and lets rinsing water flow into the bowl through the flushing ring.  After a short delay the discharge valve opens and the contents of the bowl is discharged to the vacuum sewer.  The control mechanism then closes the discharge valve and, after a short delay, also closes the water valve.  The delayed closing of the water valve ensures that a small amount of water is left at the bottom of the bowl.  The toilet is then immediately ready for the next flush.

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